Friday, March 11, 2011

Chelsea Collcetions Set

Chelsea Head Rest  SOLD
RM 10 (Add RM 4 for postage)

Chelsea Seat Belt Pad SOLD
RM 10(Add RM 4 for postage)

Chelsea Shin Pad
RM 10(Add RM 4 for postage)

Chelsea Socks
RM10(Add RM 4 for postage) 

 Grab all these 4 items for only RM35 (add RM 6 for postage)

Cute Erasers

Get it as a Collectibles item or use as a normal eraser
Only RM4 each (Please add RM 1 for postage)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Land yard

 Land yard  RM8 each (including postage)

Fashion Landyard RM 5 (Including postage)
Land yard (with hand phone holder) RM8 each (including postage)

Key Chain

Key Chain - RM15 each (including postage)
  Love Key Chain - RM 4 each (including postage)

Bear Key Chain - RM4 each (including postage)

Cute Key Chain, look likes bread,smell like bread.. hmm yummy
RM 4 each (including psotage)



Varoius design of Lighter. It can be use as a lighter or Collectibles items.
 Only RM15/item.

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